About - decino.nl
Hi there, my online alias is decino, but call me Martin if you want to. I have a B.Sc. in Computer Engineering and I am currently happily at work at Kindow as an embedded software engineer.

On this page you'll find my skill sets, hobbies and a bit of background information how I got into software- and hardware development.

If you'd like to get in touch with me, please send me a message on LinkedIn. I'll try to respond as soon as I can.





I taught myself C by programming Quake II mods during my teenage years which directed my career development.

Once I started studying Computer Engineering I began to expand my coding abilities outside video games and made software for professional companies, personal tools, plugins, and more. I followed a minor in Embedded Systems which developed a strong interest and passion in hardware development as well.

In my spare time I enjoy working on my projects (i.e. programming and assembling hardware). I also work out rigorously as an amateur power lifter to set personal goals and break my strength boundaries. If the weather's nice I'll hop on my bike and enjoy the beautiful Dutch scenery. Composing music is another thing I enjoy doing when I'm feeling the creative juices flow.