Projects - On this page you will find several projects I've worked on. These projects can range from software applications to customised hardware. Most of the software-based projects can be accessed from the web or can be downloaded from this website.

Web Applications

Pike Suggester

The artist Buckethead has released over 230 albums in a span of 4 years. This incredible amount of albums can be quite overwhelming, so how exactly do you start? This online tool will help by filtering in/out certain music styles and provides audio previews for each album.
PikeGen (Beta)

A simple tool which allows you to generate an album cover similar to Buckethead's pikes. Upload your own image, enter a pike number, adjust the image position and you're set. Unleash your creativity!
BFG9000 Visualiser

The most powerful weapon from the classic Doom games is often misunderstood. It has a unique mechanic for damaging opponents which is hard to find out unless you do some research. This online tool visualises what's happening when you pull the BFG's trigger.
Quake Model Viewer

I've always been a fan of low-poly models and decided to write a Quake .mdl renderer with WebGL using the three.js library. It's capable of rendering many unholy creatures from Quake's world of cosmic horrors and can play all of its animations.



After completing the Doom total conversion for Wrack, I challenged myself to make one for Quake. Quake, being a "true" 3D game, nearly matched Wrack's geometry format and didn't take too long to get it to function. External text files lets the user decide which textures/entities should be converted along.


Guitar Hero Bot for Wii

This piece of hardware can play any guitar track on any Guitar Hero or Rock Band game. With a piece of external software you program the bot to play a certain chart. Turn on the bot as soon as the song starts playing and watch it go.

3D LED Cube

College mates and I constructed a LED cube from scratch. Over 3,000 LEDs were soldered and countless of hands got burnt. An external tool was also made to program the LEDs, including animation support. Save it to an SD-card, plug it into the cube, and enjoy your animations.


Midi Cartridges

Midi Cartridges is a series of conceptual short albums consisting of instrumental midi tracks. Most songs were made on the fly with no real plan in mind, so most albums have a pretty progressive style. The cartridges cover a few genres, including hardrock, funk metal, experimental, and more.