Quake2Wrack - decino.nl Overview

This little tool converts Quake's .bsp to Wrack's .map format. The converter includes geometry, entity and texture conversion. Entity and texture references can be found in two seperate text files. So far I've only done Quake's shareware textures, you'll have to add the rest (and custom textures) yourself.

This looks awfully familiar.

How does it work?

The tool itself is nothing but an executable where you drag'n'drop .bsp files on. It will automatically detect if this is a valid .bsp file (from the first Quake only) and if it's a valid file it will start converting. A .map file will be produced and should be playable for Wrack.

You can also define the entity and texture conversion. By editing EntityList and TextureList you decide what you're converting. You could change all Quake Zombies into Wrack Bazookas if you want to.


The converter is not perfect. For example, Quake uses more precise coordinates (floating points), causing some broken vertices and faces in Wrack. Some convex shapes that are allowed in Quake, but not in Wrack, are also present. You'll have to fix these faces manually through WrackEd, Wrack's level editor.

Remember, this tool only converts geometry, entities and textures. Logic behind doors, buttons, spawners, etc. are ignored.

And very important: this tool will only work for Quake maps! Quake II, Half-Life, etc. are not supported (yet).


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