In the online world I'm known as decino. This website is my online portfolio, but also a place to share helpful tools I've made over the past years.

I taught myself programming in my early teens by making Quake II mods, and now I work as a full-time embedded software engineer developing firmware for sun-tracking blinds.
Programming skills
I mainly use low-level programming languages such as C, C++ and, for rare occasions, asm. Most of this code is written for microcontrollers, but at times also for desktop applications. For high-level development I'm proficient in Java. This also includes developing apps for Android.

Although not a web developer by trade, I've taught myself the basics in the form of JavaScript and PHP. For instance, this entire website was made from scratch. Even though this site currently doesn't use any databases, I have the knowledge to set up, maintain, and work with them using SQL.
Miscellaneous skills
Another self-taught skill is developing printed circuit boards using EAGLE. I'm also skilled in editing graphics and videos using GIMP and Adobe Premiere respectively. No fanboyism here, I work with both Linux and Windows professionally.

Last but not least, I speak English, Dutch, and Spanish fluently.
Most of my spare time is spent on either programming or composing music digitally. I practice the guitars, both acoustically and electric, with the goal of covering my own songs with real instruments. Three days a week I work out as an amateur power lifter to test my physical limits and surpass them.

I also run a YouTube channel where I play through fast-paced shooter games and make videos analysing their code and mechanics.