Cyborg Mussels Attack
The first entry in the Midi Cartridge series starts off with some bizarre tunes and melodies. The latter half of the album introduces more structured songs and ends with one of the longest and best guitar solos I've composed so far.
Crimson Warlock's Past
Most songs in this album are very percussion heavy. I experimented with many different sounds and it's very moving. The bass also has a more prominent role in this album, which just makes it so much more fun. I had a blast composing this one.
Augmented Reality
We're moving into heavier territory. Most of the songs in this album focus on heavy riffs and drums, but there's some breathers here and there to give your neck a break from all the headbanging. The title track is one of favourite compositions so far, I highly recommend to give it a listen.
Chicken Matrices
Chicken Matrices only contains one song that's mine and that's the title track. This is a cover album consisting of various Buckethead melodies. You could say it's a small tribute to my favourite artist, the Midi Cartridge concept is based on his Pikes after all.
Writ of Nightmares
I left my comfort zone with this one and decided to compose a 20-minute dark ambient track. It's quite spooky, but has some soothing bits. The first and last tracks are regular songs. Beware of the last track's audio, it's very loud and sudden compared to the title track and may startle you.
Colossal Apple Tree
This one's a unique entry in the Midi Cartridge series, because it only contains 1 song. That's right, a 31-minute song with prominent use of pianos, synths, and other calm instruments. It doesn't repeat any melodies either, so it's one long stream of varied music.
The Gargoyle Lurks
My least favourite entry, but boi, that first track is one of my favourite compositions I've done. The rest of the album is a bit over the place. Some heavy songs, then some weird, experimental mess with crazy drums. I don't know, I haven't put much thought into this one honestly.
The Chronotelephone
This one was a blast to make. I've always wanted to make a structureless album. I just composed whatever was on my mind, so the mood is very unpredictable and keeps changing every few seconds. I'm really proud of the short piano and acoustic guitar sections strewn over the album.