Pike Suggester
Buckethead Pikes are 30-minute albums of instrumental music. There's literally hundreds of them and can unfortunately be very overwhelming for those unfamiliar with the Pike series. This online tool allows you to filter Pikes by music genre to find Pikes that suit your mood or music taste.
BFG9000 Visualiser
The most powerful weapon from the classic Doom games is often misunderstood. It has a unique mechanic for damaging opponents which is hard to find out unless you do some research. This online tool visualises what's happening the moment you pull the BFG's trigger.
Quake Model Viewer
I've always been a big fan of low-poly models and wrote a Quake model renderer with WebGL and three.js for fun. This viewer is capable of rendering many unholy creatures from Quake's world. The models are also animated.
After completing a Doom to Wrack level converter I challenged myself to make one for Quake. Ironically, making one for Quake was a lot easier since the levels are stored in 3 dimensions unlike Doom. External text files lets the user decide which textures and entities should be converted along.
Infinity Table
When I moved into my new house I had an abdunance of side tables, so I transformed one of them into an infinity table. It comes with 2 pushbuttons to configure the LED colour, animation, and brightness. All powered by a single ATtiny85.
Pushing the ATtiny85 to its Limits
A while ago my bedroom's clock gave up on life and left me without a reliable way of quickly checking the time when laying in bed. What started as a simple clock project evolved into quite a complex creation which nearly surpassed the microcontroller's boundaries.
Birthday Gift for the Lady
I personally think that gifts should be personalised and since I enjoy building things I decided to build a cheesy, yet romantic PCB for my other half. It also includes a cute little animation you can toggle by flipping a switch on the front.
Guitar Hero Bot for Nintendo Wii
Just for the sake of archival reasons, this is my first hardware project ever. With an external program you generate a list of notes and their timing which you can then upload onto the Arduino. Turn on the bot as soon as the song starts playing and watch it ace every single note.